Justin McKelvey

Web Developer | Project Manager | Renaissance Man

Hi, I'm Justin

I am a web developer, and avid cyclist based in Houston, Texas. I have a professional background in project management, and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Texas State University.

When I'm not making web apps awesome, you can find me hunting down a good coffee shop or planning my next trip to the mountains.

This is what I do


Unix command line, Git & Github, Pair Programming, Scrum, Estimation, Agile Development

Front End

HTML, CSS, Ember, io.js/Node.js, Sass, JS, jQuery, CoffeeScript, Ajax, Middleman, Bower


Arrays/Hashes, Control flow, Object-oriented programming, Testing, Gems, Bundler, irb/Pry


MVC Architecture, CRUD, Migrations, Validation, ERB, Layouts/Partials, Forms, Routing, REST, Building APIs/Generating JSON, Rake, Testing, Faker, Asset pipeline, Heroku, AWS, CarrierWave/Fog, SimpleForm, Pg_search


Here are some projects that I've worked on.

Beardist Pinterest for Beards
Hipstacart Ecommerce Site for Hipster Products
SnoWay Flights to the highest snowfall ski resort.
CoffeeSnob Only the best tasting coffee!
JSON Api back end for Coffee api
Loop Learning my first loop
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